Line: Dionisios

Variety: red

Type of grape: Cabernet-sauvignon, Merlot, malbec

Colour: Purplish red

Alcohol: 14,5 %.

Ph: 3,7 – Total acidity: 5,4 g/l

Residual sugar: 2,1 g/l

Unit volume: 750ml

Sales format: Pack

Case material: Cardboard

Type of packaging: box ( 6 bottles X 750ml)


Region: Gualtallary Valle de Uco , Mendoza

Appellation of Origin: Gualtallary IGP

Markets to which it is exported: France, UK and Canada.

Vineyard in “free foot”:

This wine comes from a vineyard whose particularity is to have been planted entirely in “pied franc” -selection made for the high oenological value of the vines-. The wine is made from merlot grapes harvested and selected by hand and at full maturity.


The strong thermal amplitude of this altitude vineyard (located at 1300 m above sea level) guarantees the natural acidity of the berries. This geographical location naturally allows us to practise a reasoned agriculture respectful of the terroir.

The soil is sandy on a subsoil of calcareous sediments. Yields are low (40 quintals per hectare).


A long cold pre-fermentation phase, a 10% bleeding, a controlled fermentation and then a post-fermentation phase are carried out. The whole process is carried out with pumping over twice a day in a 2500 litre stainless steel tank. A part of the grapes is processed directly in 3rd use oak barrels, with manual blending by hand during a long maceration of 4 to 5 weeks, the malolactic fermentation takes place naturally during the ageing in barrels. Another particular feature is that no chemicals or tartaric acid are added to the wine, so the acidity of the wine is natural.

With all this care, from the selection of the “pie franco” plants for their high oenological value, through the harvest and manual selection of the grapes at full maturity to the elaboration process whose purpose is to sublimate the vivacity and intensity of the primary aromas of Merlot, with our Merlot wine we try to express all the potential and elegance of the terroir of Gualtallary.

Medals and distinctions

  • 90 pts, Andreas Larsson, Blindtasted.com jun 2019, year 2016
  • Gold Medal.
  • 93 points VinoSub30 October 2018, year 2015
  • 92 pts Andreas Larsson, Blindtasted.com july 2017, year 2014
  • La Vencedora s/n – Gualltallary

  • Tupungato – Mendoza Argentina




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Ciudad Mendoza, ARGENTINA



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